About the name change petition

To read why the community wants to make this change,

CLICK HERE to access the information sheet.



What does it take to change the name from North Coogee to Port Coogee and South Beach?

  • A significant majority of rate payers and those registered to vote in North Coogee must support and sign the Petition. (90% is considered a strong representation)

  • Council Members of The City of Cockburn will vote on the proposal at an Ordinary Council Meeting

  • The City of Cockburn will then present the case to the Geographical Names Committee (GNC)

  • The Geographical Names Committee, based at Landgate, has the responsibility of collecting, approving and registering place names in Western Australia.


Sign the Petition now (Link to the Petition)

Send your Petition to petitions.portcoogeeca@gmail.com or drop into Blooms the Chemist (Port Coogee Village Shopping Centre) or The Australian Brewhouse (Facing the Marina under Regis Aged Care).

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