About the name change petition

The Petition to change the name of North Coogee to Port Coogee and South Beach was signed by over 2300 people.

Signatures for the Petition to change the name of our suburb were collected during the course of 2020 by a dedicated group of volunteers from both Port Coogee Community Association (PCCA) and South Beach Community Group (SBCG). It was presented to the and the City of Cockburn on the 11th of February 2021. After being assessed by the City it progressed to the Council Meeting on the 13th May 2021. Council officers initially recommended against the change but this was countered by an alternative motion from Councillor Pheobe Cork in support of the community’s petition. This motion received unanimous support for the change from all Councillors. The City have now put forward the case with all pros and cons to Landgate, managers of the Geographical Names Committee.


Both the PCCA and the SBCG continue to work on the matter and we will keep you posted throughout this year.


To read why the community wants to make this change,

CLICK HERE to access the information sheet.